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A lot of people today struggle with pornography. About 10% of adults admit to an internet sexual addiction. If you are one of them, or someone who does not feel comfortable sharing your struggle, than this article is for you. Pornography has become more popular with the rise of the internet, and the decrease in government censorship policies that made it harder for media outlets to regulate it. Interestingly enough, in the United States, the repeal in censorship requirements also coincided with a dramatic increase in sexual crimes in the 1970’s. There was also an increase in divorce rates and rape during that period.

Fixing A Pornography Addicting1Although pornography is everywhere, and most people probably do it at sometime in their life, it is not a healthy habit. Pornography distorts a natural perspective of sex. Sex is biologically supposed to take place between two people of opposite gender seeking to create a happy normal relationship. In our day and age, there has been a rise of all sorts of different sexual behaviors that are destructive and do not make new children. This encourages a breakdown in law and order. It removes the natural sexual incentive for work. If sex is easily available, why should a person work? Making it harder to gain a sexual partner encourages people to work harder.

If you are hooked on pornography, realize that it is hurting you more than anyone else. A good way to fix it is to get in a healthy relationship where you are honest with your partner about your sexual needs. Most people, both male and female, are not always satisfied with one sex partner. Being honest with one sex partner encourages trust, and it removes conflict. WikiHow recommends adding an internet filter to your computer. Cleaning up old photos that are causing problems may help as well.

If you are not in a dating relationship, it is important that you seek that out. Your sexual chemistry is best handled with someone who cares for you physically. Building trust in a sexual relationship is easily handled by being honest. You will find that most potential dating partners have the same struggles you do. Females tend to struggle less with pornography, but they still can have an issue sometimes. If the potential date is unwilling to share honestly, that might be a sign they are not a good match for you.

Once you are in a relationship, having a daily pattern of accountability protects your family. Accountability can take place by giving computer passwords only to your partner. They can open up the computer for you, thus requiring a check in about how things are going. If this is unrealistic, having an internet filter is a must.

A good target goal for normal sexual intercourse is once a day. This might seem high, particularly to women, but it helps the male sex drive immensely. Sexual crimes can result from being hooked on pornography. These can lead to long prison sentences or even capital punishment. It is absolutely necessary that a porn addict seek help when in a crisis.