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Masturbation is a topic that many people shy from discussing but it is a big problem in the modern society. Masturbation has resulted in broken relationships and psychological disorders. Let us define what happens when one masturbates and how one can address this problem.

What Happens During Masturbation?

When a person masturbates, their brain believes that they are engaging in a real sexual experience and achieving climax in that activity. The neurochemicals that the brain releases during a true sexual encounter are released when one masturbates. These neurochemicals can cause one to be addicted to this solitary practice. Masturbation offers temporary relief from negative emotions and quickly becomes a self-medication drug when one needs to escape from real life situations.

Tips on Overcoming Masturbation

The Fight Against Masturbation3For starters, one of the effective ways of overcoming masturbation is by paying less attention to the problem. The more you dwell on your problem, the high the likelihood that you will relapse. Instead of putting your focus on avoiding sexual thoughts, think of other things that give you satisfaction. Being busy will help you keep your mind on better things without noticing you have given up something.

One thing that keeps people from beating their masturbation tendencies is the fact that they are not honest about their problem. You need to determine how the problem begun and what is fuelling your addiction. Many of these addictions arise from harboring negative feelings about one’s self image. Addressing the cause of your addiction will help you stop your masturbation urges. In serious cases, one may require professional help to deal with the deeper issues associated with their addiction.

Like quitting drug or alcohol addiction, masturbation addiction will take a lot of your time. It may take a couple of months to stop an addiction. During the process, you will encounter disappointments such as relapses. You should not be discouraged by relapses but instead learn from them.

One of the ways one is able to stop any habit is through motivation. If you intend to stop masturbating, you should start by determining your reasons for quitting. Is it your religion that forbids the practice or is the practice destroying your social life? The only way you can succeed in overcoming masturbation is if you are strongly motivated.

Strategies for Overcoming Masturbation

Overcome Your Guilt

The Fight Against Masturbation4You need to overcome the guilt you feel when you indulge in the practice. The more you think about your bad behavior, the easier it is for you to continue. It is normal to stumble or make mistakes on your way to recovery, forgiving yourself will help you become stronger and avoid another relapse.

Confiscate Enablers

Get rid of anything that triggers your urge to masturbate. If you have magazines, paraphernalia or toys that you used during your addictive behavior, get rid of them. Porn sites are one of the biggest enablers of masturbation. You should block websites that give you fast access to pornographic material. Avoid situations that cause you to get tempted.

Join New Activities

The Fight Against Masturbation5As you make an effort to crowd your schedule with new activities, you will find an alternative channel for your energy. As a result, you will find something that gives you satisfaction and ultimately reduces your urge to masturbate.

Become Socially Active

When you are socially engaged, you feel less lonely and bored. Loneliness is one of the main triggers of masturbation. This often occurs when you use masturbation to replace romantic interaction. Boredom also gives you time to entertain sexual thoughts and also provides the energy to masturbate.


The Fight Against Masturbation6Though it may be difficult to open up to someone about your masturbation problem, in some cases therapy is your only way out of this addiction. It could be that your problem is caused by an underlying psychological issue. Besides providing you with coping mechanisms that enable you to quit masturbation, your therapist will recommend tools that you can use to kick the habit. Furthermore, therapists offer a supportive environment that promotes open communication. This way you get to learn about the challenges others are facing with regards to masturbation and the approaches they have adopted to get rid of their addiction.

While masturbation does not seem to be a problem to many, it is an addiction that has adverse consequences on a person’s psychological health and social life. The key to fighting this behavioral problem is by admitting you have a problem and taking any of the above mentioned measures to quit the habit.